Coding Powerhouse eBook Bundle Has 9 Books With Everything From Web Dev To Software Engineering

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The days of ‘Encyclopedia’ sets are over. The age of eBooks has arrived. This Coding Powerhouse eBook bundle features 9 books with everything you’d ever need to know/reference. From Web Development to Software Engineering this covers it all. Buy It Now: $29 (91% OFF)


1) Learning Angular 2 — Your Quick, No-Nonsense Guide to Building Real-World Apps with Angular 2
Angular 2 was conceived as a complete rewrite in order to fulfill the expectations of modern developers who demand blazing fast performance and responsiveness from their web applications. This book will help you learn the basics of how to design and build Angular 2 components, providing full coverage of the TypeScript syntax required to follow the examples included.

2) Java Deep Learning Essentials — Dive Into the Future of Data Science
AI and Deep Learning are transforming the way we understand software, making computers more intelligent than we could even imagine just a decade ago. Starting with an introduction to basic machine learning algorithms, this course takes you further into this vital world of stunning predictive insights and remarkable machine intelligence.

3) Mastering Python — Get Up to Speed with Python Using All of the Features of Python 3.5
Python is a dynamic programming language known for its high readability, hence it is often the first language learned by new programmers. Being multi-paradigm, it can be used to achieve the same thing in different ways and it is compatible across different platforms. This book is an authoritative guide that will help you learn new advanced methods in a clear and contextualized way.

4) Mastering React — Master the Art of Building Modern Web Applications Using React
React stands out in the web framework crowd through its approach to composition which yields blazingly fast rendering capabilities. This book will help you understand what makes React special. It starts with the fundamentals and uses a pragmatic approach, focusing on clear development goals. You’ll learn how to combine many web technologies surrounding React into a complete set for constructing a modern web application.

5) Mastering JavaScript — Explore & Master Modern JavaScript Techniques to Build Large-Scale Web Apps
JavaScript is the browser language that supports object-oriented, imperative, and functional programming styles, focusing on website behavior. JavaScript provides web developers with the knowledge to program more intelligently and idiomatically—and this course will help you explore the best practices for building an original, functional, and useful cross-platform library. At course’s end, you’ll be equipped with all the knowledge, tips, and hacks you need to stand out in the advanced world of web development.

6) Mastering Git — Use This Source Control Management Program to Streamline & Organize Your Development Process
A powerful source control management program, Git will allow you to track changes and revert to any previous versions of your code, helping you implement an efficient, effective workflow. With this course, you’ll master everything from setting up your Git environment, to writing clean code using the Reset and Revert features, to ultimately understanding the entire Git workflow from start to finish.

7) Xamarin Cross-Platform Development Cookbook — A Recipe-Based Practical Guide to Get You Up & Running with Xamarin
The Xamarin Forms platform lets you create native mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone all at the same time. With Xamarin you can share large amounts of code, such as the UI, business logic, data models, SQLite data access, HTTP data access, and file storage across all three platforms. That is a huge consolidation of time. This book provides recipes on how to create an architecture that will be maintainable and extendable.

8) Swift 3 Functional Programming — Bring the Power of Swift Functional Programming to iOS, Web, macOS, watchOS & tvOS
Whether you’re new to functional programming and Swift or experienced, this book will strengthen the skills you need to design and develop high-quality, scalable, and efficient applications. Based on the Swift 3 Developer preview version, it focuses on simplifying functional programming (FP) paradigms to solve many day-to-day development problems.

9) Scala High Performance Programming — Leverage Scala & the Functional Paradigm to Build Performant Software
Scala is a statically and strongly typed language that blends functional and object-oriented paradigms. It has grown in popularity as an appealing and pragmatic choice to write production-ready software in the functional paradigm, enabling you to solve problems with less code and lower maintenance costs than alternative. This book arms you with the knowledge you need to create performant Scala applications, starting with the basics.

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