Cool On Kickstarter: Afraid Of Spies Hacking Your Phone Or Computer? This Solution Is Better Than Tape

Welcome back to Cool On Kickstarter, our weekly series featured the latest and greatest stuff… on Kickstarter!

Nope – Sound Blocker and Webcam Cover

This week we’re all about cyber security. There’s nothing more personally intrusive than the idea of someone or something hacking your phone or computer webcam (…and mic) to spy on you. Mark Zuckerberg keeps his laptop webcam covered and so should you. But, let’s face it, tape looks *kinda* dumb and doesn’t do anything for sound. That’s where NOPE comes in — The webcam cover works on your iPhone or your laptop.

Buy It Now: $20


VASCO — Smark Packing Cubes And Bags

Packing sucks. If you’re anything like me, you just throw all your stuff in a suitcase with zero regard for space and then say a little prayer that you’ll be able to close it. Sometimes, that’s not possible.

Insert VASCO, “smart packing cubes” that are handsomely designed. They have seven different bags, in their own words:

  • Packing Cubes: There are three different sizes of these—small, medium and large. Their unique compression zippers help reduce the space their contents take up in luggage by 60%
  • Shoes Bag: Shoes can travel neatly, separated from clothes and other items. The material used is specially designed for odor absorption
  • Cosmetics Bag: Your personal care products can all be kept together in this. The bag’s size ensures that it’s easy to place in even the smallest bathrooms.
  • Electronics Bag: This offers a great solution for the problem of tangled cables, multiple chargers and other accessories. The cables can be neatly stacked, making sure they don’t get tangled or damaged.
  • Travel Wallet: When traveling, you want to make sure you keep all of your important documents right on hand. This eliminates documents getting lost within other luggage—you’ll always know where they are. The wallet is also equipped with anti-theft RFID technology, keeping your crucial information safe.

Buy It Now: $20



FlexSafe + : The Ultimate Portable Safe

Problem: You’re at the beach. You want to go swimming. Everyone you know is in the ocean. But you don’t want to leave your phone, wallet, and keys out in the open for someone to steal.

Meet the Portable Safe, an invention featured on Shark Tank that does exactly what you think it does. You attach it securely to a big, bulky item and throw everything inside. Boom…. Time to jump in the ocean.

Buy It Now: $59


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