Couples Camping Gear Guide: Four Camping Essentials For Couples

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means you’re *probably* going to buy some flowers and take your S/O out for an extra fancy meal at Maggiano’s Little Italy, a place where carb-addict dreams come true.

But *maybe* your relationship is more on the adventurous side. Maybe you’d rather spend nights by a campfire in the middle of the mountains roasting marshmallows than at another movie featuring The Rock. Instead of chocolate hearts and flowers that are just gonna wilt up in a few days, maybe you’d rather put your money on some camping gear for those adventures?

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here’s couple camping gear guide…

Two-person sleeping bag

Single sleeping bags are nice and cozy, sure. But this Kamp Rite double sleeping bag option is made out of heavy-duty canvas and flannel is perfect for all sorts of scenarios, tested down to 10 degrees. Capture that body heat!




Double Parachute Hammock

Lightweight (it only weighs 1.5 pounds) and big enough for two people. Bear Butt double hammocks are the ultimate camping hammock. 75D nylon material holds up to 500 pounds legally and has been tested for 900 pounds. It won’t rip or break, plus it comes with nylon end straps for extra strength — 2 carabiners and two 10ft long tactical grade ropes.




Compact double tent cot

Sleeping on the ground hurts, even with bulky sleeping pads. When you’re suspended 10-inches above the ground in a cot, however, you’ll count sheep like a baby without feeling rocks and roots every time you roll over. This Kamp-Rite double cot tent will keep you and your S/O dry with a rain fly and it folds up into a tiny, packable size.



Kamp-Rite Double Folding Chair

A love seat for the woods! It folds up like any other camping chair, but this one is built for two, meaning you’ll both get ample space for sitting wherever you pitch tent.


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