Record Crazy Road Rage Attacks With This Dash Cam Bundle With GPS That’s 25% Off

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THINKWARE TW-X350G Dash Cam Bundle with Gps


Thinkware TW-X350G Dash Cam Bundle with GPS

Do you know all those insane road rage videos that we post here on your beloved BroBible? Well, why let the Russians have all the fun? Record a frightening, yet incredible road rage video with your very own dash cam! That’s right, with the Thinkware dash cam can do just that.

The Thinkware TW-X350G dash cam never misses a license plate, so that means when that fuckwad driving the Mustang cuts you off and then slams into you, you’ll have the video evidence to sue that Axe Body Spray-wearing douche of a driver.

Record every shitbag driver with this 2.19M pixels camera that features a wide 140-degree viewing angle and Sony Exmor CMOS sensor to catch every old nana swerving into your lane. This unit has built-in WiFi that allows control settings and Playback with the help of a smartphone.

This handy device includes external GPS tracker as well as red light camera alerts.

There’s a 2.7-inch LCD viewfinder allows easy video streaming and device configuration.

Just remember to send me your crazy-ass dash cam videos.

THINKWARE TW-X350G Dash Cam Bundle with Gps


Purchase: $149.99 (25% OFF!!)

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