Ditch The Cooler: The Kanga Case Is A Koozie For Cases Of Beer That Stays Cold For Hours

by 11 months ago


As the seasons change, it’s time to get back into the mindset of taking your favorite adult beverage outside. There are many, many great, cheap coolers out there for every budget, but sometimes you don’t want to lug around a heavy lifestyle cooler while kayaking or hitting a summer concert with your buddies.

That’s the exact problem that KANGA is trying to solve for the beer-loving Bros of the world. It’s the next great Bro invention for spring and summer chillin’ months — It’s basically a koozie for your 24-rack of beer, keeping it cool for hours.

It requires four steps: Acquire beer. Easily slide case of beer in Kanga Kase Mate. Pull open the top flap and open case of beer. Pull out beer from the flap and enjoy beer at your leisure.

This thing is designed to keep your beer cold for HOURS thanks to five layers of cooling fabric like neoprene. Comes in a 12-pack and a 24/30-rack version.

The Kanga Kase Mate’s 3 layer laminate insulating barrier and non-permeable membrane (all you need to know is that it keeps the cold “in” and the “hot” out) are specifically designed to work with your beverage case’s cardboard packaging (much like a pizza box and the delivery guy’s insulating sleeve, only opposite). Together, the 5 layer system captures and retains the chill of your cold beverages and repels heat keeping your beverages cold 5 hours longer without the hassle and expense of ice.

Let’s visualize what exactly that means… HELL YEA, DATA SETS ABOUT KEEPIN’ BEER COLD!

Go order one KangaKasemate.com… 

Total game-changer in the summer beer game, so go order one on KangaKasemate.com… 


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