Doctor Creates Phone App For People to Share Their STD Status With Potential Lays

by 7 years ago

According to the Daily Mail:

'If you happen to be out at a bar or a fraternity house or wherever, and you meet someone, you can then bump phones and exchange contact information and STD status,' Dr Michael Nusbaum, the co-developer of the app, called MedXCom, said.

The STD-status tool, known as 'safe bumping,' encourages young people to go for regular STD tests, according to Nusbaum.
Those who screen negative can ask their doctors to document their STD-free status on the app, allowing users to share the information with whoever they choose.

MedXCom isn't the only app designed to ease the embarrassment of singles sharing their STD-status.

Services like, whose slogan is Spread the Love, Nothing Else and U Should Know, also allow their users to check on a partner's STD status.

But the app doesn't expose any users who have an STD, according to Nusbaum.

MedXCom does not allow doctors to upload information about any tests that come back positive, including HIV.

A user with an infection is simply treated for the STD and then retested.

And that user is only confirmed STD-free via the app once subsequent test results come back negative.

Wait a minute. Does this app only say “Has STD” or “Does Not Have STD?” No details as to what the person has? That's like playing Russian roulette with your junk! Challenge accepted.

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