You Can Dominate the Sh*t Out of Nature with ‘Seedbombs,’ Now with Slingshots

by 5 years ago

Essentially “nature grenades,” you throw these things onto a barren area and they'll automatically grow into greenery slightly less intimidating than that featured in the children's classic, “Jack and the Beanstalk.”

Whether you want to fling dirt on your friends or the actual environment, it never hurts to have a slingshot. Particularly if you're stuck in your “zero things have ever happened here” suburb, and need to spend some quality time doing increasingly pointless sh*t. Just now, you indirectly have a purpose as a “guerilla garderner”

According to the fabulous inventors of the seedbomb, “Throw and Grow” is the name of the game. Seedbombs are packs of seeds that you can fling anywhere to make an urban space a little greener. Whether you want to purchase the DIY Garden Salsa variety for your next Homeland viewing party or the wildflower bombs to brighten a sidewalk crack, this is guerilla gardening at its best.

As per James Franco's character in “Freaks and Geeks,” these will enable you to continue acting like a degenerate, but actually do something positive. A man's dream, if there ever was one. Grab the gadgets here

[H/T: Designed Good]


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