Dr. Squatch Releases New Black Hole Soap + Updated Galaxy Bundle

Dr. Squatch Black Hole Soap

Fellas, did you hear the cool space news? NASA was able to snap a picture of the black hole at the center of our galaxy. It’s some 27,000 light-years from Earth, sucking up all matter in its cosmic vicinity (insert your mom joke here).

The timing of the big astronomy news just happens to correlate, serendipitously, with another momentous event: Dr. Squatch’s all-new Black Hole scent, designed for “a gravitational field of freshness.”

Dr. Squatch Black Hole soap, pictured above, is dubbed as “a journey into the darkness with this truly interstellar scent. It’s dark, enigmatic, and irresistible.” Buy it via the Dr. Squatch website.

This new soap is available as individual bars *or* in the return of the Dr. Squatch Galaxy Bundle, which was originally released last year.

The Dr. Squatch Galaxy Bundle is a collection of trippy “intergalactic briccs”  for an “out-of-this-world clean.” It includes the following scents, conveniently sold as a four-pack via the Dr. Squatch website.

  • Area 51
  • Mars Bar
  • Moon Rock
  • Black Hole (new!)


Pretty much the perfect excuse to throw on your favorite deep space psychedelia soundtrack as background music for your shower and blast off.

As the heads say, “space is the place.”

Galaxy Bundle

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