Someone Finally Invented ‘The DudeRobe’ — Towel-Lined Lounge Apparel For Dudes Who Like To Chill

The best things in life after even better in a bathrobe. Morning coffee in a bathrobe? Pure bliss. French toast? Amazing. A post-gym shower before an evening of Netflix? Pure ecstasy. Enjoying a fresh White Russian? Just ask every Bro’s fictional spirit animal, Big Lebowski‘s The Dude — or, uh, His Dudeness, or uh, Duder, or El Duderino if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.

Bathrobes are an essential item in every Bro’s wardrobe, but there’s a problem: The ones you get at Target or Marshalls or any go-to department store kinda suck. They feel like a scratchy towel made from a Brillo Pad, not something you can actually chill out in.

Which brings us to a game-changing Kickstarter project: The DudeRobe. Inspired by The Big Lebowski, The DudeRobe is revamping the bathrobe to make lounge-wear that’s more dude-friendly. This means towel-lined shorts and sweat pants to accompany their hoodies and bathrobes. In other words, your juke won’t always be hanging out.

A complete DudeRobe set includes shorts, pants, over-the-head-hoodie, and a classic robe for $219. The project has already hit its $30,000 goal, so go throw it some support over on Kickstarter.

BUY IT NOW: Starting at $49


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