These Hand-Blown Whiskey Glasses Have Built-In Measuring Lines To Ensure A Perfect Pour Every Time

Duo Glass Whiskey Glasses

You’re a hard-working gentleman and you deserve nice things for your hard work. In your downtime, you like to treat yourself to a nice Old Fashioned cocktail or perhaps a single malt or bourbon neat or on the rocks. You’ve got some nice bottles in the house but now’s the time to add the premium whiskey glasses.

These 10oz double-walled rocks glasses from Aged & Ore are hand-blown from borosilicate glass. Each glass has 1oz measuring lines built-in so you can pour a perfect drink every single time even if you’re not a seasoned bartender.

Duo Glass Whiskey Glasses

The Duo Glass from Aged & Ore is designed to insulate, measure, and enhance every drinking experience and that starts with their impeccable design. You can purchase The Duo Glass in sets of 2 or 4 glasses, and each set comes with accompanying ice ball molds so that you can make your own perfectly round ice balls at home.

Their Duo Glasses are hand-blown to perfection with a double walled design for long lasting insulation, and include 1 ounce measuring lines that are integrated into the design for a perfect measuring experience every time. Each glass also includes a large ice mold that fits perfectly in the base of the tumbler to cool down your spirit of choice to the ideal temperature.

Duo Glass Whiskey Glasses

I think, as a born and raised Floridian, what I like the most about these whiskey glasses aesthetically is how they almost look like Tervis Tumblers but instead of being made with the double-walled plastic they’re constructed from hand-blown high-end glass which provides the optimal bourbon drinking experience.

You can purchase the Set of 2 for $48 or the Set of 4 by following the link below!


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