These Invisible Ear Plugs Will Protect Against Ear Damage So You Don’t End Up Like ‘Archer’

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EarDial Invisible Ear Plugs

If you’ve been to a ton of concerts in life then you might notice some mild-to-high pitched ringing in your ears when all of the music is turned down. Years of standing next to the speakers and going to 3 concerts a week in NYC have left me with the inability to get rid of this ringing. If you don’t want to be like me and Sterling Mallory Archer then you might want to check these out. Buy Now: $19.99 (Usually $33)

Ear plugs are decidedly not a “cool” thing to wear at concerts. But you may still be familiar with that ringing in your ears after a loud concert that just kept bugging you. That’s called tinnitus and, shockingly, it’s real bad for your hearing. Experts agree that long exposure to levels of sound over 85dB can cause hearing loss, and most clubs and concerts are over 100dB. That’s why EarDial was invented. This comfortable, discreet hearing protection was specially designed for loud music environments. It filters noise so you can enjoy the music, still chat with your friends, and not look like a Melvin with your ear plugs in.

EarDial Invisible Ear Plugs

EarDial Invisible Ear Plugs

— Hear the music & chat w/ your friends while protecting yourself from harmful sound decibels
— Wear confidently thanks to the low-profile design
— Wear comfortably for long hours w/ exclusive earwax protection
— Store easily w/ the compact aluminum case
— Know the sound level around you & how long you can stay safely w/ the companion mobile app
— Support a good cause, w/ 5% of profits going to charities on a mission against tinnitus & noise-induced hearing loss

Get It NOW: $19.99 (Usually $33)

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