Enter The World Of ‘Ethical Hacking’ With This 8-Course Bundle That’ll Turn You Into Mr. Robot

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With Mr. Robot</em< being one of the most popular TV shows of the past two years, today seems like the PERFECT time to tell you bros about this 8-course bundle that’ll teach you all of the lessons you need to become an ethical hacker. BUY IT NOW: $39

Here’s what you’ll be getting/learning:

Ethical Hacker Bootcamp for 2017 — Break Into a Career As An Ethical Hacker

Ethical hackers are in huge demand in the wake of highly publicized hacks and data breaches in both the private and public sectors. This bootcamp was designed for aspiring information security professionals who wish to take an immersive look at this in-demand career and ultimately become a professional pentester. You’ll examine not just the theories and tools a professional hacker would use when conducting a penetration test, but also gain an insight into the day to day workflow of an ethical hacker.

A to Z Ethical Hacking Course — Learn Ethical Hacking, From Basics to Advanced Skills

From basics to advanced techniques, this course leaves no stone unturned as you explore the complex world of ethical hacking. Security professionals are in greater demand than ever, and this course will give you hands-on practice in a variety of techniques. By course’s end, you’ll be ready to score high-paying ethical hacking jobs.

Learn Burp Suite for Advanced Web Penetration Testing — Perform Hands-On Security Testing to Master Burp Suite

Burp Suite is a Java based software platform of tools for performing security testing. In this hands-on course, you’ll learn about different types of web attacks by targeting a test environment based on OWASP Web Goat, a deliberately vulnerable web app used to practice security techniques.

Complete Ethical Hacking / Penetration Testing Course — Discover the Art of Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking

Starting from square one, this course will take you through a complete, simulated penetration testing process. Traversing through five stages (Information Gathering, Enumeration, Vulnerability Scanning, Exploitation, and Post Exploitation) you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of penetration testing and understand how to do it on your own.

Intro to Ethical Hacking Certification: CEH Boot Camp​ — Get Yourself Prepared For the Essential Certified Ethical Hacker Examination

This quick and dirty course will give you an introduction to ethical hacking and how to pass the Certified Ethical Hacker certification exam that any aspiring hacker needs to pass in order to make a career. The demand for security professionals is hitting an all-time high, and this is your opportunity to jump in on the action.

Real World Hacking & Penetration Testing — Learn the Most Up to Date Pentesting Tools & Techniques

Regardless of your pentesting experience, this immersive course will get you caught up on all the most up to date ethical hacking techniques and tools. From computer and network attacks to web application penetration testing and automated attacks, you’ll get a complete understanding of what pentesters do and how they do it.

Learn Kali Linux and Hack Android Mobile Devices — Start Securing Android Phones & Tablets by Learning to Hack with Kali Linux

Think about it: Most of your critical data is stored on your smartphone, right? Hackers know this, which is why more and more are targeting smartphones to steal personal information. Yet most ethical hackers are studying to secure Windows, Mac, or Linux systems while neglecting the largest mobile OS on earth, Android. This course rectifies that flaw, teaching you how to hack and secure Android smartphones and tablets while adding a unique skill to your resume.

Learn Hacking/Penetration Testing Using Android From Scratch — Explore a Variety of Common Attacks & Learn How to Prevent Them Using Android

Focusing on the practical, non-theoretical side of penetration testing, this course delves into using Android as a penetration testing tool, using real life scenarios that will give you full control over a variety of computer systems. For each attack explored, you’ll learn how it works, how to practically launch it, and how to detect and prevent that type of attack from happening. By course’s end, you’ll have a firm grasp of penetration testing with Android and be able to implement techniques on your own system or in corporate environments.


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