These 4 Badass Keychains For Bros Are Here To Free Up Your Pocket Space And Make Your Life Better

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Today’s gear theme is ‘simplify your life by freeing up unnecessary space’. In the past here on BroBible I’ve talked at length about how I used to carry a ‘George Costanza Wallet’ that was so fat it barely fit in my pocket, well the same is true for my old keychain. I had this fat bottle opener on there and a commemorative keychain from The Atlantis Resort and Casino in The Bahamas that I was given as a perk for winning a drinking contest by the pool, it was a keychain I didn’t want to part with but when I did I couldn’t have been happier about my decision to free up pocket space and maximize utility.

I don’t want to tell you bros which of the four keychains below I own and use myself, because I don’t want to steer you in one direction when you should be thinking about the best keychain for your life, but I will tell you that I do in fact own and carry around one of the four below…Now let’s get to the goods!

Magkey 4-Key Set — ON SALE 28% OFF — ONLY $9.99







For everyday carry enthusiasts, a key-organizing accessory is a no brainer. MagKey takes a fresh approach to this essential, using magnets to connect the keys seamlessly and powerfully together. With MagKey, your keys will take up less space and look more organized than ever.

— Place tiny magnets on the side of keys
— Use the upgraded, super durable key ring
— Add less than 1 oz of extra weight (less than 0.13 grams per magnet)
— Get water & rust proof protection
— Set up without screws or hardware


S-Key Organizer & 16GB USB Key Drive — ON SALE At 22% Off!







Stop fumbling around with that clunky keychain and organize your keys like a pro. The S-Key Organizer allows you to store up to 8 keys in a compact, handsome leather clip that won’t sit heavily in your pocket and is extremely easy to use. Plus, the organizer comes equipped with a 16GB, key-shaped hard drive built in, so you’ll always have some extra data storage handy.

— Fasten additional accessories w/ ease
— Carry up to 8 keys in a simple tool
— Add your car key fob or gate remote control using the included outer attachment clip


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