11 Everyday Carry Essentials: Primary Colors

everyday carry essentials primary colors

We are back again with another personally curated collection of the best everyday carry essentials for men and today’s collection is all about color, specifically, the primary colors of Blue, Yellow, Green, and Red. You can pick and choose your favorites by following the links below or pick up the whole collection!

First up is the Benchmade Bugout Serrated Knife which is made in the USA (Oregon) by one of the finest American knife manufacturers in the game. This is a perfect pocket knife for everyday carry with a 3.24″ blade made from super high-quality CPM-S30V stainless steel and a custom G10 handle for world-class grip.

Next, Saucony has harnessed that 80’s style our generation loves for their Jazz Original Climbing sneaker that comes in two colorways, Green/Orange is pictured here but the Grey/Black/Red looks great too. The ripstop nylon + suede uppers are stitched to withstand whatever you throw at them.

Here we see the Highly Clutch Envy Tri-Blend Tee which is part of the newly released ‘Basics’ collection from Highly Clutch. These are some of the absolute best t-shirts on the planet and much more affordable than the competition. You can purchase the individual tees for $15.99 but that’d be silly because you can buy 3-packs for $39 and 5-packs of different colors for only $59!

everyday carry essentials primary colors

You can pair that shirt with The Pen Slim 14oz 4-Way Stretch Selvedge Jeans which are some of the finest denim you can buy in 2019. They are cut from premium Japanese selvedge denim that’s world-renowned for quality and durability. These jeans have a 4-way stretch for a full range of motion which means they’re great for everyday wear and travel. These jeans are handmade in Los Angeles.

Over on the right-hand side, we see the One Eleven SWII Watch in Red which is a casual style that can be worn every day. This timepiece runs on a sunstainably-powered solar battery and the rPet Strap is made from recycled water bottles. The robust case is a bio-plastic made from plant-based castor oil. This watch is stylish and great for the environment!

The Ridge Navy SEAL Aluminum Wallet is a limited-edition everyday carry wallet where 5% of all proceeds go to benefit the Navy SEAL Foundation. This wallet blocks RFID-skimming devices holds 1-12 cards, has a cash clip, and it weighs ONLY 2oz!

The Topo Designs Rover Pack in Forest is a no-brainer choice for everyday use. This backpack has more than enough space for all of your daily needs as well as for travel. It is made in the USA with heavy-duty materials so it will treat you well for years to come.

Cherry, orange and lime flavors are spread out among these 20 gummies, all of which will help your brain, your heart, your eyes, your stomach, your skin, and your joints without having to worry about getting high and driving off the edge of the road. Just pop one Holiday Gummy a day and let your body get the relaxation it needs. And these are ideal for doing away with hangovers.

How are you ever supposed to hit those goals unless you make a schedule, write those goals down, and work towards something? With the Rhodia Goalbook w/ Undated Calendar you’ll at least be taking the first step in setting goals.

You can/should keep your dome covered this Fall with the Patagonia Desert Sky Beanie which is made from a blend of luxurious wool and lightweight Nylon. The classic chunky waffle exterior and soft-jersey knit interior are about as comfortable as any beanie you’ll find.

Last up today, we’ve got the Garrett Leight Co. Brooks 47 Sunglasses in ‘Butterscotch’ fulfill the ‘yellow’ requirement in this Primary Colors roundup but I’d feature these shades as often as I could because they’re some of the finest around. They have an internal metal core wire that gives them a powerful frame, polarized frames for UVA/UVB and glare protection, and they come with a fine cleaning cloth and case.

Let’s check out today’s gear one more time:

everyday carry essentials primary colors

[1] Benchmade Bugout Serrated Knife [$119]

[2] Saucony ‘Jazz Original Climbing’ Sneaker [$65]

[3] Highly Clutch ‘Envy’ Tri-Blend Tee [$15]

[4] The Pen Slim 14oz 4-Way Stretch Selvedge Jeans [$248]

[5] One Eleven SWII Watch in Red [$75]

[6] The Ridge Navy SEAL Aluminum Wallet [$72]

[7] Topo Designs Rover Pack in Forest [$139]

[8] ‘Holiday’ 10mg Premium Hemp CBD Gummies [$39]

[9] Rhodia Goalbook w/ Undated Calendar [$18]

[10] Patagonia Desert Sky Beanie [$45]

[11] Garrett Leight Co. Brooks 47 Sunglasses [$395]

As always, you can pick and choose your favorite items from the list above or you can scoop the entire collection as you see it and REALLY treat yourself. If you have any accessories or apparel that you believe deserves to be featured here you can always hit me up on Twitter at @casspa or email at cass@brobible.com.

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