Everyday Carry Upgrade: Grab The EDC Tools + Gear You Need From Monthly Knife Club

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The fall and the upcoming winter seasons are the ideal times for guys to get out and tackle outdoor adventures. This means overnight trips, weekend getaways and ample time spent hunting, fishing, camping and, well, you get it; anything else dudes like to do to help pass the time for the next few months.

But guys need to be prepared before growing out a beard and tossing on some flannel, because, in order to survive those elements, having the right everyday carry items is clutch. This means pocket knives, multi tools, lighters, water bottles and anything else that can come in handy during these wild excursions, which is why Monthly Knife Club is more than happy to hook men up with the top gear.

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So what is Monthly Knife Club? It’s a subscription service that offers the top tactical gear at the fraction of the cost of other places. That means your everyday carry game will be on point, but your wallet will still be stuffed — which sounds like a pretty solid way to live life. Here’s a look at how Monthly Knife Club works.

First, you need to be over the age of 18 to subscribe. Sorry, that’s the first (and sort of only) rule. For those who are of age, here’s how a Monthly Knife Club subscription works.

Step 1: Select your knife plan, which come in four options: the standard subscription, the name brand subscription, the fixed blade subscription and the ONYX Knife subscription.

Step 2: Monthly Knife Club then ships new knives and tactical gear to you every month, with orders being shipped out between the 15th and 25th every month.

Pretty simple, right? If you’re the type of guy who doesn’t like the hassle of buying stuff online, and would rather worry about the next big adventure on your list, Monthly Knife Club‘s perfect for you.

Use the code BRO1010 for 10% off!


Not big on subscriptions? No need to worry, because Monthly Knife Club has an option for you, too. With tons of everyday carry gear at their disposal, they even offer individual gear in their online shop, meaning guys can still get all the best everyday carry items without the full commitment — all without overspending.

Whatever you’re looking for, Monthly Knife Club has your back. And remember, using the code BRO1010 gets you an additional 10% off your order, so don’t miss out on stocking up on the stuff you need for the next few months and beyond.

Use the code BRO1010 for 10% off!


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