These Tactical ‘Grab Bags’ Help You Easily Build Your Bug Out Bag With EDC Survivalist Gear

Over the 4th of July, I encountered my very first true shake from a Southern California earthquake. Since moving from New York to Los Angeles, I always read about Angelinos keeping shoes next to the bed in the event of the earthquake, along with a week bottled water supply. But I never experienced why.

And then – on the morning of the 4th of July, while sitting on the toilet (… I’m not even joking) – everything just started moving. My medicine cabinet in the bathroom rocked back and forth and you could hear my house on the westside of Los Angeles, built in the ’50s, sway with a moving earth for a solid 40 seconds.

My first instinct: “Whoa… What a ride. That was far out, man.”

Then, one day later, while settling into my Friday night, an even bigger one hit. Every dog in the neighborhood started barking and the street light a couple blocks down started bouncing up and down.

That’s when the thoughts changed from “Dang this is kinda fun, like a ride at Six Flags” to “Oh, shit. This is the beginning of some Escape from Los Angeles-shit. I might have to go full Kurt Russell by next week.”

I spent my Friday night packing a bug out bag to keep in my bedroom. Inside, plenty of bottles of water and some easy snacks like beef jerky, granola, etc. But also, some tactical tools for emergency situations in a post-earthquake hellscape with a crippled city infrastructure, fires, and no power.

To make this easy, I bought a Monthly Knife Club “Grab Bag” – a box full of goodies containing tactical gear such as name brand knives, hatchets, flashlights, multi-tools, t-shirts, hats and other gear. It’s a nice offering on top of Monthly Knife Club’s amazing selection of name-brand blades for everyday carry and knife subscriptions.

Grab Bag Tier 1 – $50

Grab Bag Tier 2 – $75

These tactical grab bags are from the leftovers of Monthly Knife Club’s previous boxes, samples, and what-have-you. It means tons of simple tactical and survival gear for a low price and some peace of mind for nerve-wracking situations – like building an earthquake bug out bag.

Be safe out there. And remember: Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.


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