Treat Yourself To This ‘Dry Leaf’ Vaporizer To Get The Most Out Of Your Sticky Icky Buds

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fez vaporizer

Sure ‘dry leaf’ can refer to tobacco, but if you’re in a state where marijuana is legalized recreationally then I’m 100% cool with telling you this Fez Vaporizer is a fantastically cost effective option if you’re looking for a new vape to toke up.

Honestly, I’ve suggested a handful of vapes here on BroBible in the past but I’m 100% aware that whatever vape a bro chooses to burn his buds with his a matter of personal preference. Just because I’m saying ‘hey, look, you’ll probably dig this’ doesn’t necessarily mean that the Fez Vaporizer fits your style. That said, I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s used the Fez Vaporizer who did not like it. It’s also 28% off the normal price today in the BroBible store, so if you’re in the market for a new smoking apparatus then this very well might be what you’re looking for.

FEZ Vaporizer: Get Lit With The Only Vaporizer You’ll Ever Need – Specially Designed For Dry Leaf

fez vaporizer

The team behind FEZ engineered this vape to deliver the ultimate vaping experience, and nothing less. The stylish FEZ vaporizer is specifically designed for dry flower consumption, with a range of customizable temperature settings, an impressively long battery life, and easier-than-ever heating and cleaning. Its unique build even eliminates toxic compounds so you can truly, discreetly enjoy your vape to its fullest.

— Heats up in under 60 seconds
— Plugs into your laptop to charge via USB
— Lasts for up to two thousand puffs on one charge
— Captures extra flavors & aroma w/ temperature-controlled design
— Comes w/ an easy cleaning kit


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