Own One Of The Best Fly Fishing Spots In America (And A Sick Ranch) For Only $7.5 Million

A lot of Americans spent time over the past week pondering what they’d spend their money on if they’d won that record $1.6 billion Mega Millions jackpot. The obvious answers for most people are to buy an enormous house, sports car, boat, etc. Me? I’d be scouting out a boat I could travel the world with and fish exotic locations and I’d find a property like this one below here in America that would provide world-class fishing out my back door.

The Cow Creek Ranch in Pecos, New Mexico is a fisherman’s paradise. The 1,054-acre property is found at the southern tip of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and it’s situated at elevations ranging from 8,500 to 9,000 feet which makes for ideal trout fishing. The property is also full of wild game like mule deer, turkey, bears, mountain lions, and more.

The (fishing) centerpiece of the property is a river that winds 4.5-miles through the ranch along with seven high mountain lakes that boast fishing that’s just as good as the river. Truly, this is some of the finest trout fishing in America.

There’s a family-style ranch house lodge which has 11 bedrooms, a commercial kitchen, and staff lodging so you can use it as a rental property when you’re not there. As I mentioned in the headline, this amazing trout fishing ranch carries a totally reasonable price tag of $7.5 million. We could easily pool our money together among BroBible readers and purchase this as our fishing retreat property, right?

Imagine a private valley only an hour from Santa Fe, unmarred by the twenty first century, where elk grow fat on native grasses, mule deer fill the valley, and turkey, bear and mountain lion roam freely as they have for centuries. Imagine over 1000 acres of a mountain ranch with as rich a history as any in New Mexico, stretching back well over a century. And finally, imagine water in the form of an incredibly productive trout stream winding for 4.5 miles through this valley in and out of seven high mountain lakes that feature some of the largest trout and finest fishing in the West. What you’ve just imagined is no fantasy, it’s the Cow Creek Ranch, renowned by many as one of New Mexico’s finest trout fishing properties. (via)

If you’re from the East Coast and grew up fly fishing streams along the Appalachian Trail, it’s easy to forget (or not even know) that New Mexico’s highlands provide some of the best trout fishing in America. Growing up in Florida, I thought of New Mexico as one giant arid desert and I couldn’t have been more wrong about that.

The Cow Creek Ranch is listed for sale at $7.5 million by LiveWaterProperties and you can click that link to visit their website where they’ve got a ton of photographs showcasing the fishing lakes and river, horseback riding, wildlife, hunting, and lodge. You can also contact them for details about purchasing. (h/t WideopenSpaces)

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