Flint And Tinder’s 1-Year Wash Jeans Are Softer Than Your Favorite Sweatpants


We’re in that transition period where the warm weather has started to peak its head out but the snow, rain, and wind haven’t quite let up yet. That means this is the perfect season for jeans, and if you’re on the hunt for a new pair of favorite jeans then you 100% need to check out the 1-Year Wash Jeans by Flint and Tinder.

Each pair of Flint and Tinder 1-Year Wash Jeans comes with one of three custom washes which give every pair a unique look. These jeans are produced at the Cone Mills denim factory in White Oak, North Carolina. They’re the last line of custom fabric to ever be produced at that legendary denim shop that’s been making jeans for over 150 years so you’ll be owning a piece of history.

Every pair of 1-Year Wash Jeans receives an old-fashioned handwash that makes every pair of jeans off the line more comfortable than sweatpants. There’s also a 1% stretch fabric added into these jeans which adds comfort and flexibility. They come in three colors and both Slim and Regular fit.


flint and tinder 1-year wash jeans

Go ahead and treat yourself to the best pair of jeans you’ll buy this year!


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