Floafers Are The World’s Most Comfortable Preppy Driving/Water Shoe — Get Them 10% Off!

by 1 year ago

floafers loafer shoes

Loafers. Boat Shoes. Frat Cleats. Driving Shoes. Slip-ons. Deck Shoes. What ever you call them, you know a pair of loafers is pivotal to any bro’s wardrobe.

I’ve had dozens of pairs of loafers over the years and they all have their benefits and problems, none seem to be the whole package. One pair looks nice but get beat up easy, or they’re too casual to wear to work or on a date, or they look business casual but aren’t actually comfortable, and so on and so forth.

The perfect pair of loafers can be work on casual Friday, then to happy hour, then on a date that night and to the pool or beach-front bar on Saturday.

You: That’d be dope but shoes like that definitely don’t exist.

Me: Au contraire mon frère… thanks to Floafers.

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