These Foldable High-Tech Mountain Bikes Were Designed For The Military But Are Perfect For You

foldable mountain bikes for men

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Working out inside of a gym every single day isn’t for everyone. Some people, myself included, need to get outside and mix it up. I need a constant flow of new stimuli to keep me distracted from the fact that I’m exercising and that’s precisely why I get all of my cardio from cycling these days.

I’m stoked to introduce you to Montague Mountain Bikes today because these truly are the future. They’re foldable mountain bikes there were designed thanks to a DARPA grant. The original intent was to build an ultra-tough mountain bike that’s foldable and could be used by the Airborne to drop out of planes and ride into combat situations. Sounds pretty intense, doesn’t it?

Given the original intent of these mountain bikes, they needed to be both ultra light and super strong. You couldn’t exactly have soldiers jumping out of planes with heavy ass mountain bikes strapped to their backs, could you? Likewise, they needed to be tough enough to carry soldiers loaded up with gear across rugged terrain.

There are four models from Montague and all of them are on sale: the Paratrooper (original), Paratrooper Pro, Paratrooper Highline, and the Navigator.

Montague Mountain Bikes Foldable

Montague Mountain Bikes Foldable

Montague Mountain Bikes Foldable

Here are the specs for the Paratrooper, the most affordable of the four models. Keep in mind that ALL four bikes are on sale right now so you can save $$$ if you act fast.

— All Montague bikes use full-size wheels, standard components, and a folding design that doesn’t break any of the frame’s tubing
— Ideal for rough trails, hauling gear, bike camping, and recon missions
— An SR Suntour suspension fork allows the Paratrooper to glide over the obstacles, roots, and rocks of off-road trails
— Includes the RackStand which functions as a traditional cargo rack, kickstand, workstand, and folded bike stand all in one
— 24 different speeds for customizable riding preferences and any obstacles
— Equipped with mechanical disc brakes which offer quicker response, more stopping power, and better performance in wet weather than rim brakes
— It can fit in the car trunk, on the bus or train, and is perfect for your next trip

You can shop ALL FOUR models of the ultra-tough and super light Montague Mountain bikes by following the ‘shop now’ link below and picking up yours today while they’re still on sale!


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