These Futuristic Japanese Steel Chef Knives Are Kickstarter’s Most Funded Knife Ever

If you’re trying to step up your cooking game, the first place to start is with a set of freakishly good knives. You could max out your credit card at Williams Sonoma or Sur La Table or you could peep some of the sleek, sexy cutlery options available online, like the Kuroi Hana.

Designed by London’s Christian Bird using 67 layers of premium quality Japanese steel, Kuroi Hana is the most funded knives in the history of Kickstater. The patterns in each blade are likes snowflakes thanks the forging process of this special Japanese steel, called AUS-10:

Whilst the pattern is originally formed in the forging process, skilled artisan workers manually submerge the blade into an etching solution. This penetrates the multiple layers of steel and brings out the beautiful dark floral pattern on the blade. Each blade pattern is unique.

Compared to fancy sets at high end kitchen boutiques and retailers, Kuroi Hana knives are incredibly affordable: a $198 pledge gets you a three-piece set, a pledge of $293 gets you a complete six-piece set.




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