With This ‘Game of Thrones’ Bathroom Decal, You Can Finally Sh*t Like a Lannister

by 8 years ago

But seriously. I was writing some postage yesterday, crankin' out some Game of Thrones theme music on Spotify (because what else is Spotify for other than Game of Thrones music?), and I realized that the third season of greatness isn't actually that far away. Sure we still got another six months or so, but yo, that's like less than seven months. Or eight. Winter's a-creepin'.  

So yea. For a Greyjoyian price of $29.99, you can get this vinyl decal tacked onto your toilet. Obviously, this will make for great conversational material when girls need to use your bathroom after you somehow lured them back to your decrepit man-cave. “Hey, my floor may be littered with unwashed towels and YMCA t shirts from 1997, but babe–you'll defecate like a princess.” 

[H/T: Complex]