‘Game of Thrones’ Beer! Plus 10 Things We Want This Week

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Game of Thrones Beer, $8.50

Ommegang is an upstate New York brewery that's garnered a cult following among fans of Belgian craft ales. Fans of “Game of Thrones” show a similar level of devotion to their favorite intrigue-heavy, ultra-violent, boobfest of a show. (That's not a knock.) Is there any more perfect—albeit kinda nerdy—matchup to be found?

I will most assuredly be holding an Iron Chair 6.5 percent ABV ale in time for the season premiere on March 31.

Shinola Runwell Watch, $550

If you're a Watch Guy—and let's face it, the human race is split very evenly between Watch Guys and Non-Watch Guys—then the Shinola Runwell is worth a look. Leather strap, Swiss-made components, Motor City hand-craftsmanship. And it looks like something a 40's bomber pilot would wear. Those guys were cool.

Trapster App, $Free

An app that has reported over 5.5 million speed traps, red-light cameras, and other roadway hazards? Every driver should want this. Just try not to look at it while driving. And, you know, don't run red lights head-on.

Nike Air Foamposite One, $220

I gotta be honest, sneakerheads. I've never been a huge fan of foam kicks. But you know who was?

Aw, yeah. Can't argue with Lil Penny.

Harry's Shaving Kit, $10 a Razor, $2 Per Blade

If you've been shaving for a while, you're aware that replacement blades are the worst fucking racket in consumer goods. They're ridiculously overpriced. I'm convinced that they're crafted with some sort of combination of unicorn horns, moon rocks, and the tears of Chuck Norris. (CHUCK NORRIS JOKES ARE STILL RELEVANT, YOU GUYS.)

This newcomer on the market—started by Warby Parker's founders—lets you buy blades at half the drug store price. Sign me up.

Handmade Copper Flask, $149.95

This flask is so damn classy. It's crafted out of pure copper, so keep it away from Bubbles, and it's made in Tennessee, so it's dying for you to give it bourbon. I'm going to shut up now, because maker Kaufman Mercantile actually has a hilariously great description of the flask:

A flask keeps liquor discreet. It's there on the ready for a dry wedding, a night on the town, a drive-in movie, or the occasional bender. But a copper flask is different. Something Daniel Boone would have carried isn't meant for that “hide it in my boot” business. It's a distinguished vessel. The kind you'd sooner wear in a leather holster than tuck away.


Puzzle Pong, $60

Puzzle Pong might not make its Kickstarter goal. It currently sits at around $7,500 pledged toward the $40k they're looking for. But if you like the idea of a portable, briefcase-sized table that allows you to play beer pong in a pool, go through 'em some coin.

10-Year Hoodie by Flint and Tinder, $89

When we featured the hoodie above this week, we went with the headline “This Is the Hoodie That's Breaking Kickstarter.” It wasn't much of an exaggeration. Flint and Tinder's creation currently has raised an incredible $495,000 of its original $50,000 goal, and it's easy to see why: Advertised as a premium sweatshirt and guaranteed to last a full decade, the hoodie looks great—simplicity is the key with hoodies, folks, take note—and if you think of it as a contract with clothes, you're only paying $9 a year for a versatile, where-nearly-anywhere look.

What a deal. Bobby Bonilla would jump all over that.

2013 Geneva International Cars, $A lot

Thrillist has a breakdown of the recent motor show, which featured “literally hundreds of the world's hottest cars debuting.” My three favorites:

Porsche 911 GT3

Bentley Flying Spur

And the stupidly awesome McLaren P1


GREEN BEER, $All of your week's discretionary income

Saint Patrick's Day! Whether you're at one of our best St. Paddy's Day parties, or just in your buddy's basement playing Car Bomb Pong, make it a great one.

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