How To Get An Xbox 360 For Free At GameStop On Black Friday

by 11 months ago
Free Xbox 360 On Black Friday


We have seen a plethora of Black Friday deals on the Xbox One S that you can see HERE (Kohl’s probably has the best deal on a new Xbox One S). But we haven’t seen any sales on the Xbox 360, probably because it is the Xbox 360 and it was initially released 12 years ago next week, plus many new games aren’t offered on the antique game console. However, we just discovered the first sale on the Xbox 360 and it is absolutely noteworthy because GameStop is offering the Xbox 360 for free on Black Friday. Yes, free, zip, zero, zilch, nada. But there is a catch because there’s always a catch.

For Black Friday 2017, GameStop is offering a pre-owned Xbox 360 for $59.99. They are also offering a mail-in rebate for $59.99. Meaning you can get an Xbox 360 for absolutely free. GameStop is betting on you being lazy and forgetting to mail in the rebate. Which is probably a very good bet. The deal is dependant on how many pre-owned Xbox 360s that each store has and the offer is limited to their stock. After several weeks, you will receive a $60 Visa gift card in the mail.

While you may not be able to play the newest games, you could use the Xbox 360 to stream Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon as well as watch TV and movies from Microsoft’s entertainment library. Basically, the Xbox 360 would be a giant Roku or Chromecast. This is a great deal for $Free.99. Think about what you get for free these days – tap water, gum under a bleacher, syphilis, unwanted hot takes on Twitter. A free used Xbox 360 is better than all of those complimentary things.


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