Wooden Sunglasses, Avion Tequila, Carhartt’s Incredible Sale, And 14 More ‘Things We Want’ This Week

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In this week’s ‘Things We Want’ gear guide for bros we see everything from wooden sunglasses to exquisite tequila, and everything in between. This week’s ‘Things We Want, Gear Guide For Bros’ truly covers the complete spectrum of everything a bro might want (and need) in his life. We’ve got a little something for every bro.

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Mack Weldon: The Best Fitting, Most Comfortable T-Shirts I’ve Ever Worn


If you bros have been reading the weekly ‘Things We Want‘ feature for long enough then you know by now that I’m pretty goddamn picky when it comes to brands. I don’t know why I’m this way, but my hunch is because I just get set in my ways and gravitate towards the familiar. So when a bro from Mack Weldon reached out to tell me about their unique line of clothing.

After bouncing around on their site for a little while I put in an order for some v-neck tees, a few pairs of their men’s underwear, and their ‘no show’ socks…Well, I’m a believer. I’ve been wearing their socks and only their socks for a week now. I’m a bit of a late comer to the ‘no show’ socks game. But already I’m able to wear my Vans with shorts for the first time and not look like a middle aged dad (I live in Florida, we wear shorts year round). This has been a game changer for me.


Mack Weldon


Mack Weldon

And then the shirts! I’m fucking in love with their v-neck tees. They’re truly some of the most comfortable t-shirts I’ve ever owned. And when I purchased them online I was slightly worried about the fit, because I’m typically too lazy to return things when they don’t fit well. Low and behold they show up and these shirts seem like they were sculpted for my body, I love it. Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about Mack Weldon, I’m just hooked. So with that in mind I hope you bros realize that you’ll now be seeing them here on BroBible quite a bit in the future, because I’m going to keep you abreast of all their new product launches.


Mack Weldon

Now I want you bros to not just take my word for it, I want you to CLICK THAT LINK BELOW and check out all that Mack Weldon has to offer, because you’re going to be very glad that you did.


ShadeTree Sunglasses: Some Of The Sickest Wooden Sunglasses On The Market

Bros! This is one company that needs to be on your radar like RIGHT NOW. After getting my hands on a few pairs of Shadetree Sunglasses I can say with 100% confidence that these are some of the sickest wooden sunglasses on the market.






Listen, I fully understand that a lot of you bros are set in your ways you old and tired plastic sunnies, but I think it’s time for you to step into the future and scoop up a pair of shades that’ll be the perfect accent to your Spring Break style. And honestly, these shades will look just as sick on the ski mountain as they will on the beach this Summer, they’re chill af. Frankly, designs like this make my job easy because I don’t even need to tell you bros they’re badass, you can see them with your own two eyes and know that these are the shades missing from you life. So if you’re ready to up your look and pick up some new shades all you need to do is click that link below, bounce around on their site, and find the style that’s right for you!


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