A Badass Nano Drone, Xbox One ‘Rise Of The Tomb Raider’ Bundle, And 11 More Things We Want This Week

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In this week’s gear guide for bros we see everything from nano drones to Xbox One bundles, and everything in between. This week’s ‘Things We Want, Gear Guide For Bros’ truly covers the complete spectrum of everything a bro might want (and need) in his life. We’ve got a little something for every bro alive.

Also, if you know of a product that you think should be featured in my weekly Gear Guide then feel free to hit me up via email at Cass @ Brobible dot com. And for those of you looking to have us test out products to be featured here you can contact me via that email for our mailing address.

And before we get to this week’s ‘Things We Want’ gear guide, another thing I’m super stoked about today is the announcement of the ‘shop’ tab on BroBible. Many of the items you see featured here today you can now purchase directly through BroBible.com by following the links, AND you can discover new stuff you might be interested in by browsing around in the ‘SHOP’ tab on BroBible, check it out!

SKEYE Nano Drone: Matte-Black Limited Edition



With Christmas just around the corner you need to start thinking about (1) what you want to buy people this year and (2) what you’re going to tell people when they ask you what you want for The Holidays. This nano drone is at THE PERFECT price point, coming in at $39.99, and it’s 42% OFF TODAY.

Here’s the product video if you’re not yet convinced:

I know you bros love gadgets and I know you bros love mini drones. I’ve yet to feature this one before, but it’s made by one of the most highly trusted drone manufacturers in the game. So you know that you’re getting an extremely well-made product AND you’re getting a badass deal on it if you BUY IT NOW (42% Off) by clicking that link below!!!!


Nimble RFID-Blocking Wallet


August Brand

Now that it’s been fully mandated by the U.S. Government that all credit cards MUST have RFID chips we’re entering a new age in America, one in which we need to consider the potential security risks of RFID chips. While they are EXTREMELY HARD to swipe the information from (in comparison to credit cards without the chips they’re virtually impossible to scan), but there are ways for people to illegally swipe the info using an elaborate machine.


August Brand

That’s why it’s always best to protect yourself, and in this case that means scooping up an RFID blocking wallet. The one I’ve featured today is sleek, stylish, and only runs $19.99 (it’s 33% OFF TODAY). BUY IT NOW by clicking that link below!!!


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