Bucket List: Spend The Night In This Glass Cabin Sled On The Top Of A Italian Mountain

I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m adding more things to my bucket list than I am crossing them off. It’s not as terrible as it sounds — I’d like to think it just means that there’s SO MUCH out there that I’m constantly rediscovering new things I want to do. It’s a good predicament to be in.

Hi Consumption put on our radar Raniero Campigotto’s  Starlight Room cabins. It fits neatly into my newfound enthusiasm for tiny houses, cabins, and rural real estate projects.

High in the Dolomite mountains of Northern Italy near the town of Cortina D’ampezzo, this one-room glass cabin sled can be rented for $330 a night in the peak season (booking info here). It’s ideal for sleeping under the stars while still staying nice and cozy in bed with your shawty. Grappa included, because when in the Italian Alps who doesn’t want to pretend like they’re Ernest Hemingway in Farewell To Arms.


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