Introducing The GoBro, The TEARAWAY TANK TOP For Bros Who Want To Go From Zero To Alpha In No Time Flat

Bros. Always. Be. Innovating.

It’s as simple as that. Every great invention in the history of mankind has came at the hands of a bro. This tank top, for one. The wedge salad, for two. Shall I go on? No, there’s no need to. I’ve thoroughly proven my point.

Just look at the tearaway tank top from GoBro in action.


Didn’t think you needed that in your life when you woke up this morning, did you? Boy, were you wrong. Don’t worry you’re pretty little head, though, we also had no idea these things existed until the GoBro Bros emailed us with their Kickstarter campaign. But now that we do, life sure is a little sweeter.

You want one of these? (Rhetorical.) Go here and fund the fucking shit out of the GoBro Kickstarter.

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