Here’s Why I’m Really Freaked Out About the Google Glasses: Watch the Video Remixed with Google Ads

by 6 years ago

Earlier today, a YouTuber by the name of rebelliouspixels illustrated all of my immediate dystopian fears about the augmented reality glasses with a clever video. It's called “ADmented Reality,” and shows how the Google's glasses and super smart algorithms will be used to make your entire existence a roving version of “Pop Up Video,” except with Google-bought Ads. Of course, by the time this sort of technology comes out, Google will figure out a more organic way to to integrate digital ads into your life, but — to a critical thinking futurist — it remains food for thought. Are the Google Glasses really the lens you want to use to see the world? Here's to hoping all there's a real-life AdBlock by then…

A pretty good manifesto here, via rebelliouspixels:

When I saw Google had somehow forgotten to include the ads in their Project Glass augmented reality promotional video – I just couldn't resist fixing the oversight for them.

So here is my slightly more realistic version of Google's ADmented Reality glasses – now with Google Ads!

Because let's face it Google really is just a massive advertising company at heart.

Hopefully Google won't be too annoyed at this remix. I mean after all I'm just putting Google Ads overtop a Google video on Google's video hosting service.

Fun Fact: All of the AdWords used are actual Google ad returns found via Google searches based on the dialog, situation or setting in the original video. Yes “Music, Stop!” does actually return an ad asking if you would like to listen to music.

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