This $11 Heavy Duty Water Hose Nozzle Has 8 Different Spray Settings And Is More Fun Than A Water Park

by 11 months ago

garden hose nozzle

The garden hose gets used more in the summer than a bath house at a public beach. You water the grass, wash the stinky pets (or kids), hose off beach chairs and cars and just about everything. But is your hose nozzle getting the job done? Probably not.

This heavy duty water hose nozzle does it all and then some. There are 8 watering patterns which include Cone, Jet, Center, Mist, Shower, Rinse, Flat, and Soaker. Use the “shower” setting to water plants, “mist” setting to wash your dog or “jet” setting to wash your car. Jet also works to blast away annoying kids or neighbors during backyard BBQs.

The water hose nozzle has a knob that helps adjust the water pressure and control the water flow, avoiding water waste and comes with 10 different rubber washers, this spray nozzle can prevent leakage.

The steel construction with a baked enamel makes it sturdy and durable enough to use a long period of time. It offers everything for just $11.


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