11 Ways to Make Your Holidays and New Years a Little Boozier

by 8 years ago

101 World Whiskies to Try Before You Die by Ian Buxton

From the man who brought you 101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die, 101 World Whiskies to Try Before You Die takes you around the globe by way of whiskey. Ian Buxton is one of the most renowned experts in the whiskey industry and has hand picked 101 more amazing (and attainable) whiskies that should provide you with a nice blueprint for your whiskey bucket list. Pick it up at Amazon.

Hendrick’s Gin

This fine elixir is made using a delicate mix of botanicals with delicious notes of cucumber. Hendricks simultaneously has one of the coolest brands in booze, highlighted by its recent event series, Voyage into the Unusual, which featured little people with handlebar moustaches serving cocktails out of tree stumps, among other very “unusual” things. Put a twist on a classic G&T with Hendricks by using a cucumber instead of lime and let the gin obsession begin. 

Knob Creek Holiday Bottle


Inevitably, you’ll remember that you forgot somebody on your gift list. Luckily, you can still get the a bottle of Knob Creek’s notoriously smooth and balanced bourbon, which is now available in a customizable holiday label. It won’t be there for Christmas, but at least you can say it’s in the mail.

Johnny Walker Double Black


Launched across the US in Q4 this year, Double Black carries a lot of the same notes as it’s brother whiskey, Johnnie Walker Black, but with stronger notes of peat and less of the sweetness of dried fruits that made Johnnie Black many drinkers “desert island whiskey.” If you’re a fan of Black, definitely give this one a try. 

Octomore 5.1 / 169 PPM by Bruichladdich


Holy smokes, this is a peaty whiskey. Measuring in at a mind-boggling 169 PPM (parts per million) of peat, the world’s peatiest whiskey will have you smelling like a chimney… in a totally good way.


Tullamore Dew

If you feel like journeying away from the run of the mill Irish whiskies, give this one a try.  Tullamore Dew offers a smooth, balanced drink that can be just as easily sipped as it is chased with a shot of pickle juice.


Special Edition Patron Anejo

Patron is best known for it’s blanco tequila, but this holiday season with the help of world-renowned designer, John Varvatos, Patron Anejo is getting some love. JV and Patron have collaborated to release a limited edition Patron Anejo gift set that includes a unique bottle stopper made of metal and adorned with the Patrón bee, the stopper’s miniature guitar head design is complete with tuning keys and John Varvatos’ signature rock and roll style.


Avion Anejo


This nicely balanced aged tequila, unlike some aged spirits, creates more of a mid palate experience rather than drawing out the finish. It pairs up beautifully with a medium bodied cigar such as the Nat Sherman Timeless Collection Hermoso.

Hornitos Plata in its new bottle

Hornitos has long been one of my favorite tequilas. Not only is it extremely drinkable, but it’s affordable. One of its biggest weaknesses to date has been its rather unexciting bottle. That has all changed with the introduction of a brand new bottle. 

Shellback Spiced Rum

Only released this year, Shellback Rum is a fresh addition to the rum market. It includes 12 different spices that come out effectively on the palate while still maintaining a smooth vanilla sip.


The beautiful bitterness of Campari is an acquired taste to some, but it’s a classic spirit that finds itself right at home during the holidays. Take it as a Campari & soda, a classic negroni, a champagne negroni, or other signature cocktail and you’ll be glowing with holiday cheer in no time.