Someone Created A Hammock That’s Also A Hot Tub And I MUST HAVE ONE

Every once in a while, a Bro invention comes along that changes history. The wheel, electricity, condoms, Tinder, the Slip Cup, beer pong-playing robots, underwear that hides boners. The new biggest Kickstarter invention to fall on our radar? The Hydro Hammock.

Inventor Benjamin Fredrick came up with a prototype for a hammock that doubles as a hot tub. So you can swing while getting your soak on in the deep woods. It’s next level camping (or glamping?) swag and probably a complete GAME CHANGER if you take this thing to a music festival. Think of all the friends you’d make! In Fredrick’s own words:

Durable and portable hammocks ready for soothing hot or cool refreshing water. Relax, rejuvenate and fully stretch out in comfort beyond the constraints of an iron or fiberglass bathtub.

Equipped with a portable water heater system, LPG or electric. Hydro Hammocks require less water than bathtubs and have a slip resistant texture. The shapes are adjustable and are easy to set up either fully or partially suspended.

The Hammock material is a sealed synthetic high-tensile-strength fabric. This model of the Hydro Hammock can easily support the weight of 50 gallons of water and two adults, though only 20 gallons of water are needed for an amazing quality bath.

Not going to lie, I would totally Bro out in this thing.

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