InstaFire Fire Starters Work In Rain, Sleet, Snow, And Even On Ice In 30mph Winds

instafire fire starter

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If you’ve ever been on a camping or backpacking trip and found yourself caught in the rain while you need a campfire, you know how much of a pain in the ass starting a fire can be in wet conditions. When the air, ground, matches, wood, and your hands are that wet – getting a flame to take can feel nearly impossible.

Thanks to men much smarter than I, fire starters have been invented. Yet, until InstaFire got into the game, fire starters were never reliable and all natural. Thankfully, InstaFire Fire Starter packs are a cheap and easy solution to start a fire in any condition using all natural, eco-friendly materials.

As seen on Shark Tank, our InstaFire™ Fire Starter packets are the outdoorsman’s dream fire starter. They will be your go-to fire starting tool in almost any condition. They’re also very lightweight. Whether you are starting a fire while backpacking, hunting, snowmobiling, hiking, camping, in your fireplace or fire pit, InstaFire™ is the quickest, safest, and easiest way to start a fire. It’s safe for your emergency preparedness plan, and it’s even safe to store near food.

InstaFire Fire Starter packs are naturally insulated to burn on top of water, sleet, snow, and even ice in up to 30 mph winds for around 35 minutes per pouch. Unlike other fire starters, InstaFire uses all natural materials like recycled wood, volcanic rock, and food-grade wax blend for a clean burn and eco-friendly ash.

Perfect for emergencies, camping, tailgating (cooking or warmth), or any other situation that calls for a quick and controllable fire in potentially rough conditions. Not just easy but incredibly affordable, right now you can buy an 8-pack for just $15 or an 18-pack (up to 72 fires) for only $24 at Amazon.

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