FINALLY! There’s Jeans Made For Us Guys Who Have Big Dicks!

by 3 years ago

We’ve all been there (Except you micropenis dudes, sorry), you sit down and your jeans crush your balls like a Kris Bryant tape-measure home run. Now there’s jeans made especially for us gentlemen who are well-endowed.

Mugsy Jeans is a startup men’s fashion brand, which offers a line of jeans that give men extra space in the crotchal region. Leo Tropeano, the brand’s founder, started the company in 2012 because he loved skinny jeans, but didn’t love the that skinny jeans constricted his junk.

“So we went out searching for jeans we looked good in, but we couldn’t find anything that fit our needs…literally. Sure, we found plenty of slim fit jeans, but all of them made us feel…how should we put this…like our groins were being choked out by Hulk Hogan,” the website states. “At that moment, we thought: “Why would anyone wear these? Is it back to the grandpa jeans for us? Fuck that, we will fix this problem.”

“When you move you know they’re going to push back and crunch your balls, but then they don’t,” Tropeano tells Mashable. “They all wanted better fitting jeans without having to sacrifice comfort. Most of these guys gave up on finding better jeans, they just continue to wear the same jeans brands they’ve always worn, simply because that’s what they’re used to.”

They brought their project to Kickstarter, and they doubled their initial funding goal because guys want to be able to let their dick breathe.

The jeans are made from a lightweight denim with stretch to allow for mobility, and give ample room to your cock and balls. Mugsy Jeans has only been open for business for a few weeks, but has already sold half of its inventory. These dick-freeing jeans will set you back $149, but at least your dong isn’t getting suffocated.


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