You Can Smell Like The Glorious Mountains With These Forest-Scented Body Washes For Men

Juniper Ridge forest body wash

There’s absolutely no reason you should settle for the plain jane body wash that you’ve seen on the shelves for your entire life. What the hell does Arctic Extreme or Summer Rush even mean? I don’t even know if those are real fragrances but I’m assuming they are because all of the mainstream body wash for men is just a random mixture of forgettable scents. There’s where Juniper Ridge comes into play.

Juniper Ridge produces these three extremely delightful body washes for men: Cascade Forest, Desert Cedar, and White Sage. They are the world’s only wild fragrance company, meaning that all of these scents are 100% organic, wild-foraged, and come straight from the mountains and desert. These body washes will have you smelling better than you’ve ever been, guaranteed.

Juniper Ridge forest body wash

These forest-scented body washes range from $10.98-$12, and as a fellow dude who loves smelling good I can all but guarantee that if you love the smell of the great outdoors, of wood, the forest, and the desert then you are going to absolutely love these. You can shop all three fragrances below.


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