Kitchen Tools Under $50 That Every Home Cook Needs 

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Last Christmas, I accidentally learned how to cook. It’s a long story.

While I always had a basic understanding of food and how to ruin easy meals like eggs or pasta, but I was clueless on some of the little tips and tricks that cooks learn after years in the kitchen.

Now almost a year later, I’m not close to being an Anthony Bourdain on the stove, but I can hold my own in the kitchen. I did learn one valuable lesson over the past 12 months — having the right kitchen tools makes all the difference.

And now I’m going to pass on a little of that knowledge with this quick list of kitchen tools every home cook needs but might not know it.

Now, there are obvious items that are just basic to a kitchen. Those are the “yeah, no crap” kitchen essentials like measuring cups and spoons, mixing bowls and a standing bowl full of utensils. These are the incidentals. The items that make life in the kitchen easier, especially when you can’t spend all damn day cooking up meals.

Kitchen Essentials 2

A Do-Everything Cast Iron Pan

A cast iron pan is an essential kitchen tool that should last a lifetime. Fortunately, you won’t need that much time to pay it off. This Lodge cast iron skillet will last a lifetime. This beauty is a pre-seasoned skillet and ready-to-use right out of the box.



A Versatile Cutting board

With this durable and environmentally conscious cutting board set from Bambüsi, you’ll
never be stuck without an extra cutting board again. This grooved beauty allows you to cut, prep and present all on one board. It’s a heavy duty all-natural, BPA-free option for preparing & serving and the non-porous material repels dangerous bacteria for optimal food safety.



One Good Knife

A hitter is no good without a bat. A chef is no good without a strong and durable knife. Don’t spend hundreds on a blade when this Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife does it all for under $50. Designed for chopping, mincing, slicing, and dicing with a razor-sharp, laser-tested edge ground to form an exacting angle. It’s made to hold a sharp edge longer and ensure maximum cutting performance and durability.



An Apron

Real men don’t wear aprons, right? Wrong. Men who don’t wear aprons get stains all over their clothing and look like hell when they’re not in the kitchen. And is there anything worse than making a meal for a date, only to get splatters and spills all over your clothes? Handcrafted from heavyweight, yet soft & breathable cotton, this Hudson apron is machine washable and constructed with gun-metal grommets and rivets. It will keep your clothes safe.



An Onion And Garlic Chopper

There’s nothing better than the smell of cooking garlic and onions but there’s nothing worse than the smell of raw onions and garlic on your fingers. Even if you scrub with industrial soap, the scent sticks around under the nails for days. This handheld chopper makes quick work of onions, garlic, and other assorted veggies and saves time if you’re not that skilled with the knife. It keeps the smells in your meals and not on your hands.



Kitchen Essentials 2

A Damn Good Slow Cooker

If you don’t know that slow cookers are an essential kitchen tool by now, you’re totally missing out. There’s nothing better than tossing a bunch of ingredients into the pot and coming home to an awesome meal. Wait, there is something better. Being home all day to smell the meal slowly cook while you sit on your ass. No matter the recipe or the occasion, this Crock-Pot Slow Cooker keeps the temperature steady so your food is cooked to perfection, full of flavor and delicious.



Olive Oil Dispenser

Here’s a lesson I learned early — don’t go overboard on the olive oil. Too much of a good thing can quickly turn into a bad scene. This olive oil dispenser takes the guess work out of pouring EVOO and can even be used to make your own kitchen concoctions. Homemade ketchups anyone?



A Versatile Cook Book

When you start out in the kitchen you really don’t know that many recipes. You need a cookbook that will not only teach you everything about making meals but offers countless recipes so you don’t get stuck making the same 4-5 dishes every damn week. The title of How To Cook Everything says it all. It’s a guide to how to make every meal imaginable. You’ll go back to it night after night and never get bored with the same old gruel.



A Journal

Now, why the hell would a journal be important? To write down your feelings about food? No, dummy, to write down your notes on cooking, especially the things you learn about each meal along the way. Things like “don’t let the sauce sit for too long” or “don’t double up on the liquor because more booze doesn’t equal better food.” You write down your thoughts on life, why not your ideas on cooking?


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