Watches, Tommy Hilfiger’s $75 Million Manhattan Penthouse, And 7 More Things We Want This Week

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This week’s gear guide for men truly runs the gamut of everything a bro might want or need in his life. From some of the sickest vaping equipment ever conceived of, to Tommy Hilfiger’s $75 million penthouse at Manhattan’s Plaza Hotel, we’ve got a little something for everyone.

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On most of the items if you’re interested in buying one for yourself you can click the link in the description and it’ll take you to the product page

Seiko Men’s Field Watch With Blue Canvas Band



Bros! I really don’t feel like I need to sell you on this watch at all because a) it’s the PERFECT price point, b) it’s one of the most versatile watches ever made, and can be worn comfortably in just about any situation, and c) Seiko’s one of the most trusted names in watches. Oh, and it usually costs $123 but today it’s on sale for $61, so if you BUY IT NOW by following that link below (or above) you’ll be back here later to thank me for pushing you to pull the trigger.

Maybe you’re on the fence about whether or not you’re the kind of bro who wears a watch, in that cast I highly suggest giving this one a whirl because you’ll find that it’s suitable for just about every occasion.

Buy Here!

Risk: Game of Thrones Board Game



Every REAL Game of Thrones fans needs to get his or her hands on this new game from USAopoly IMMEDIATELY. This newly released edition of Risk is quite possibly the greatest board game to hit the market in the past decade. This is not the ‘Risk’ game of your childhood, this is Risk: Game of Thrones, so you can expected endless rounds of pillaging, backstabbing, and murdering. It combines everything you love about Game of Thrones with everything you loved about Risk, your favorite childhood game. Whether you buy it for yourself or to give to someone as a gift, know this: this is the hottest game on the market right now and stocks will run out very, very soon.

Buy Here!

Anthony: Invigorating Rush Hair + Body Wash (You’ll Smell Like The Forest)



Wouldn’t it be nice if for once you actually smelled like something other people wanted to smell? Buy this now, seriously. I used to have to buy this stuff in bulk because whenever friends would come stay with me in the city and use my shower they’d basically drown themselves in this body wash because it smells so damn good. Imagine if you could capture the smell of the mountains, this is what that bodywash actually smells like (birch and balsam). I’m not pulling your legs here bros, this sh*t’s the real deal, and I’m a HUGE believer in Anthony products. This is one purchase I can 10000% guarantee you will be overjoyed that you made.

Buy Here!

Neon Bandits Socks, Party Socks For Bros Who Like To Party (2 Pairs For $20 With Promo Code “BROBIBLE” At Checkout)


Neon Bandits

So what’s the story behind these socks? They’re so friggin’ smooth that every time you put them on (even after repeated washing) it’s like wearing a brand new pair of socks all over again. I’m paraphrasing here, but I’ve been told that these socks feel so good on your feet that wearing them is akin to what it’d feel like to stick your dong into the warm mashed potatoes. That’s how good these socks are. It’s time you stepped up your sock game by adding a little excitement.

BUY HERE: Add 2 Pairs To Your Cart, Use Promo Code “BROBIBLE” At Checkout, Get 2 Pairs For $20

vapRwear: Hoodies And Shirts With Built In Vaporizers So You Can Smoke Weed On The Go!



It’s not even up for debate, it is FACT that getting your cannabis/weed/marijuana fix from a vaporizer is less harmful to your body than if you were to smoke. Vaping = Better. This is known. Carrying extra things around in your pocket = obnoxious as f*ck. This is also known. That’s why the bros over at vapRwear decided to put their genius towards doing some good in the world and began making clothing (hoodies, shirts, etc), clothing that has a built-in vaporizer, that way you’d both a.) never leave home without your vape and b.) free up some pocket space to carry around that sticky icky.

It gets better though: because we care so deeply about each and every BroBible reader we’re offering you the chance to get 20% OFF your ENTIRE ORDER using promo code “BROBIBLE” between now and September 19th (8/20/15 to 9/19/15).

Buy Here!

Tommy Hilfiger’s $75 Million Penthouse At The Plaza Hotel In Manhattan


I live in NYC, but looking through the pics of Tommy Hilfiger’s $75 million penthouse at the Plaza hotel it’s obvious that me and Tommy live in very, very different cities. I’m living in what’s quite possibly the tiniest apartment in lower Manhattan, meanwhile Tommy Hilfiger just put up this two floor, 5,655 square-foot, four bedroom, and four-and-a-half-bathroom condo that sits atop one of Manhattan’s most iconic hotels. The pics of that condo are straight up insane, and I highly suggest you check them out by following that link above

Pics and info here!

Kent Men’s Handmade Comb Set of 3


Kent Combs

Last weekend I was in Toronto for a wedding and when I arrived to my Airbnb I opened up my dopp kit to find that my comb had snapped in half, which was a massive pain in the nuts. It was a cheap blue comb I scooped up from CVS, and I can guarantee you I’ll never make that mistake again. When mine snapped I immediately put in an order for a Kent Comb on Amazon (highest rated men’s combs), and the past few days I’ve been using it have been glorious. Kent combs are handmade and of the utmost quality. They’re not going to snap in your luggage like that cheap piece of crap I bought at CVS, Kent Combs are the REAL DEAL. This set of 3 has every size you’ll ever need, and it’s just $17. Buy it, use it, thank me later.

Buy Here!

Optimum Gold Standard Protein Powder (The Highest Rated, Most Reviewed On Amazon)


Optimum Nutrition

FACT: Whether you’re in college our out there in the work force bustin’ your ass, you simply cannot have enough protein powder stocked up. This is an item you NEED TO BUY IN BULK when it’s on sale, and it just so happens that the highest rated and most reviewed protein powder on Amazon is on sale today at 30% off when you buy in bulk ($11.26 per pound).

This stuff’s relatively expensive for something that isn’t considered an item you need to survive on a daily basis, again, that’s why protein powder’s something you should always buy in bulk when you can find it at a good price. The last time we featured ‘Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard’ was way back on Amazon Prime Day, and I gotta say I was actually a bit shocked at the response from you bros that day. From the comments/shares/likes back then it seemed like every bro reading this site needed to stock up on protein powder, so I figured I’d do you all a solid today and remind you that it’s time once again for you to bulk up.

Buy Here!

Magpul Industries Field Case, OD Green



Any bro on the go knows the importance of having a sturdy/rugged iPhone case. There’s absolutely NOTHING worse than when your phone case falls apart/disintegrates, and you have to watch the slow demise of the only thing protecting your phone. That’s why I suggest all you bros pick up one of these field phone cases from Magul made using semi-rigid thermoplastic elastomer construction. At just $10 (40% off today!!!) this case is the one you’ve been looking for.

Buy Here!

Well bros, that concludes another week of ‘Things We Want’. You can click here for last week’s ‘Gear Guide For Bros‘, and if you see anything above you think you need in your life don’t hesitate to click on through and purchase.

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