Never Get a Speeding Ticket Again, Get This Laser Radar Detector For Just $60 TODAY ONLY

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I will never be able to forget the first time I got a speeding ticket. I was cruising downhill on my way to volunteer at an elementary school when a motorcycle cop appeared magically behind me, yelling to pull over at the next road.

Despite my groveling and uncontrollable tears, this son of a bitch refused to give this first-time offender/general rule follower a warning, so I ended up with a $230 ticket instead. I’m all for law enforcement, and I respect authority, but let’s be honest here: some roads simply meant to be driven down faster than their recommended speed limit.

Whether you commute an hour to and from work everyday, or you just stay on the local roads, this Whistler radar detector will give you peace of mind when you’re on the road. BONUS: It’s $15 off until 2 PM today, so hop to it!

Whistler XTR-538 Laser Radar Detector

The great thing about this particular radar detector is its two different modes: city and highway. Highway mode will give you both audio and visual warning of radar systems, while city mode won’t go off every two seconds for car alarms and such. Instead, it’ll give one initial alert and only alert again if the radar signal increases.

Purchase: $60 (15% OFF!!)

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