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Step up your repertoire of professional skills and become a valuable coder with the complete ‘Learn to Code Bundle’, 94% off today. This set of 10 e-learning courses is everything you need to become a master coder, and it’s on sale for its lowest price ever today. Buy It Now: $59.

Here’s an overview of the courses:

1) Python Tutorial: Learn by Coding — Go From Beginner to Master of Python with 7.5 Hours of Hands-On Training
Cement your coding skills by learning Python: server-side interpreted, open-source, non-compiled scripting language commonly used in web and video game development. Begin with the basics of Python 2.7.3, test your progress with frequent quizzes, and segue into more advanced concepts like implementing MySQL. By the end of your last lesson, you’ll be well on your way towards mastering one of Google’s official programming languages.

2) AngularJS for the Real World — Learn AngularJS by Creating a WebApp
AngularJS is a JavaScript framework developed by Google that can help you dramatically improve your efficiency, reduce your coding time, and deliver your next project as a Single Page Application (SPA). Many major companies are looking for expert AngularJS programmers for those very reasons, making this course a valuable addition to your programming skill-set.

3) Build Professional Websites with HTML5 & CSS3 — Begin Your Web Engineering Career with a Strong Background in Key Languages
If you’ve ever thought about learning web development, then this course is for you. By delving into HTML5 and CSS3, two of the most basic and productive web coding languages, this course will provide you your first step towards a high-paying and flexible career in web engineering. Build responsive websites and learn core fundamentals to web development in this easily accessible course.

4) Learn Web Development by Creating a Social Network — Facebook, Look Out! You Can Learn the Core Constructs Behind Building a Social Network
You’ve probably heard of Facebook, right? Well, in this course you’ll learn the basic concepts behind that and other social networks, and learn to implement them yourself. That’s right: you can build your very own social network. It all starts here.

5) PHP OOP & PDO with Projects for Beginners — Discover Object Oriented Programming & Apply It to Large Web Applications
PHP is a server side scripting language which is used to create web applications and dynamic websites. However, the procedural PHP is less useful in creating highly professional, easy to manage web apps without the application of OOP (Object Oriented Programming). This course will teach you OOP in PHP, and put you on track to developing functional large web applications.

6) Total Web Development Course — Continue Your Web Development Journey & Immerse Yourself in Several Essential Coding Languages
This is the all-encompassing course for any level of programmer looking to jump into web development! Covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, and WordPress, this in-depth training will provide you with the background you need in a wide variety of coding languages. By course’s end, you’ll bolster your resume for competitive, high-paying positions.

7) The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course — Master the Code Used by Startups & Major Companies Alike
Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular web development frameworks, and a useful tool used by both startups and more established companies to build strong graphic user interfaces, and responsive websites and apps. Through homework assignments, quizzes, coding exercises, and free web-based resources alongside the video lectures, students will learn and be able to implement this language quickly. This is an excellent crash course in an extremely useful web development framework.

8) Learn By Example: The Foundations of HTML, CSS & JavaScript — Lay the Foundations for Your Web Development Career with Training in HTML, CSS & JavaScript
There are many short cuts in web coding that may ultimately lead to issues down the line. This course will teach you solid fundamentals of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and give you the skills you need to write efficient and lasting code. Perfect for the inexperienced, this course provides a great background in a range of popular web coding frameworks that will facilitate the learning of other languages in the future.

9) Learn Cloud Computing From Scratch — Get Up to Speed with the Most Modern Advances in Digital Infrastructure
Cloud computing has revolutionized industry and changed the way businesses manage their digital infrastructure. As it relies on a massive sharing of resources across a network, the opportunities and challenges for developers and network administrators are growing rapidly. In this course, you’ll go from cloud computing zero to hero as you use popular cloud technologies like Google Compute Engine, Amazon AWS and Red Hat to build a holistic understanding. Soon enough, you’ll be ready to cash in on the enormous cloud computing wave.

10) An Introduction to MySQL Database Development — A Practical, “How-To” Approach to Working with MySQL
MySQL is a general purpose relational database management system (RDBMS) used mainly to provide a back-end database for web applications. In this course, we’ll introduce the concepts of relational database management systems in general, and how they relate to MySQL in particular. Unlike traditional courses that concentrate mainly on theory, this course takes a practical “how-to” approach to working with data.

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