Kickass LED Beer Pong Tables, Plus 10 Things We Want

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Brew Cutlery, $18

Brew Cutlery promises to combine the two finest pleasures in life: BEER & FOOD. A bottle opener is integrated into each piece of cutlery. Perfect for crushin’ food in the man cave.

J. Crew 998, $160


Rumors have it that spring will come one day. If and when this strange period of warm weather arrives, J. Crew and New Balance have got the shoe for the season, an update on the classic 998. That colorway? “Inferno,” which features an exclusive bright orange look. The shoe also has an ABSORBZ rubber sole. (I can’t tell you how much fun it is each week to write out the bullshit words invented by shoe companies.)

The Old Try Posters, $40/each


I’m from the South and feel the occasional pangs of homesickness whenever I order an iced tea and get the fucking sugar packets on the side, or read a story online of police discovering a meth lab operating out of a Pentecostal church. It’s a place I’ve decided is nothing if not complex—I hate equally people who dismiss it out of hand and those who say it has no problems—but it’s undoubtedly a great place to live.

The Old Try makes posters inspired by the South. It was started by an expat who tried to design the nostalgia he felt for where he grew up, and the vague sense of comfort in his work hit home for me. There are state flag posters and posters with state slogans—like South Carolina’s “While I Breathe I Hope,” which may hit the shopping cart of a USC alum before I finish this sentence. The farthest north they go is D.C. and the farthest west is Texas and Oklahoma, so obviously this stuff is geographically limiting. But if you’re a sentimental type who originated below the Mason-Dixon, the store is a must-visit.

Audioengine A2+ Desktop Speakers, $249


Audioengine’s new A2+ speakers are the successor to the crisp-sounding and award-winning A2 line, and the line doesn’t do much to change greatness. The A2+ features a little more power, the same wood-cabinet look, and an output to connect to a subwoofer. Plug in an adapter, and they go wireless.

wobL, $19

Simple enough idea here: the wobL is an iPhone stand that turns your phone into a proper alarm clock and, when synced with its own app, it displays the time in huge numbers. The wobL also allows you hit snooze by just sleepily tapping anywhere on the screen. Which, let’s face it, is a godsend for the lazy.

Glowing Infinity Party Table, $TBA

What’s missing during a rave/blackout party? The ability to fucking crush it on the pong table. Our nation’s greatest minds have fixed that problem. YES.

The glowing infinity party table is an LED-flashing monstrosity that will make your home a noble Castle of Raging Face. Special mirrors create the illusion of “endless space,” and a music controller allows the lights to flash to jams. It is everything.

The table is also regulation-sized, natch, and it’s made of solid metal that should hold up to even the drunkest thrower. It launches on Kickstarter March 23. I MUST PLAY ON THIS.

First Class Hoodie, $79

Is this the best hoodie money can buy? Perhaps. The First Class is reversible (with a micro side that helps circulate air, and a flat side that provides a bit more warmth); it’s light enough to layer; and it’s cut for a modern fit. The hoodie is also 100% made in America AND, because you’re buying it off Kickstarter, the price is wholesale. (Which is a great development we’re seeing more and more on crowd-sourcing sites.) Perfect for the early spring.

Taylormade JetSpeed Metalwoods, $199-399

Taylormade’s newest and best metal woods—the JetSpeed line—promise more distance than any competitor and a better playability wherever you find your ball in the woods or rough. The driver also features something called a “speed pocket,” which “minimizes the unwanted spin generated on low-face hits that make the ball shoot up high and land short.” Say goodbye to “most” thinned shots.

PureLite Bag, $179

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 4.41.12 PM

Sensing a theme yet? We’re ready to hit the links. And here’s the bag to do it.

Taylormade’s new PureLite line comes in seven colors and features redesigned straps, increasing comfortability and taking some weight off your shoulders. Walking 18 holes without feeling like you’ve done lateral raises for three hours straight: the future is here!

Ferrari California T, $TBA (I’m asumming “a lot”)


Coming equipped with an 8-cylinder 3.9L turbo engine that propels this bad boy 0-62 miles per hour in JUST 3.6 seconds, the Ferrari California T will make its grand debut at the Geneva International Motor Show this March and should make some considerable noise.

Yes, it is a convertible—but the hardtop retracts and reassembles in only 14 seconds, so it’s always a wink away from being a hardtop coupe.

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