Never Get Left In The Dark With This LED Camping Lantern With USB Rechargeable Batteries – 61% Off Right Now

by 2 years ago

LE LED Camping Lantern USB Rechargeable, 280lm LED Tent Light,

LED Camping Lantern USB Rechargeable

Going camping? Need a lantern? How about this dandy camping lantern that has built-in 3000mAH rechargeable batteries. The USB charging cord is wrapped around the lantern so it’s always handy and you never misplace it.

It also features a power bank to charge your phone so you can watch XHamster on your phone while your bro hooks up in the tent next to you with the chick who you thought you had a chance with.

The light is equipped with two metal loops on the base. But it also features two magnets on top, so you can securely stick it to any metal surface to get light at any angle.

There are three modes to stop your battery from getting drained and can last as much as 11 hours.

This light is light, weighing a mere 0.39lb, making it great for traveling.

This handy lantern is perfect for camping, working, fishing, dog walking, and an emergency or when there is no power.

Purchase: $16.99 (61% OFF!!)

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