Ditch That Lame Ass Flask You’ve Had For Years And Scoop Up This Party Flask While It’s Still On Sale

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I know you like to party, because if you didn’t like to get turnt then you wouldn’t have clicked this post in the first place, right? You like to get hammered, I like to get hammered, we all like to get after it. That’s why today I wanted to introduce you bros to this badass flask from Fisk.

It carries one of my favorite quotes emblazoned across the front of the flask: “Alcohol, because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad.’ Believe it or not I once convinced some hammered tourist in Key West that it would be a good idea to get that quote tattooed across their starfish, apparently they were really into getting their salad tossed, I dunno.

Anyways, not only did I want to show you bros this flask (that’s 34% off today!!!), but I also wanted to point out that we now have a ‘shop’ tab on the top right of the site (look up and to the right) where you can find a ton of badass daily deals, all items curated by the staff. Moving on, here’s the flask that you BETTER BUY FOR YOURSELF before this year’s Turkey Trot (the bar crawl on the night before Thanksgiving). Just think back to every year and how busy the bars were and how hard it was to get a drink, then think how much better your life is going to be with this flask…Just don’t get caught

Liquid Courage Flask: $16.99 (34% Off!!!)




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