Huckberry Pick Of The Day: ManCan Stainless Steel Picnic Keg Is The Best Way To Transport Beer

ManCan Picnic Keg Stainless Steel Beer Growlers

The ManCan Picnic Keg is in a class of its own. It’s a fusion between a keg and a growler, drawing on the best of both worlds.

ManCan Picnic Kegs are constructed out of the same completely indestructible stainless steel that beer kegs are made out of. This preserves the aromas, flavors, and characteristics of the beer in the exact same way a beer keg does.

It’s also designed as a portable growler and comes in two sizes, 128oz (one gallon) and 64oz (half gallon). The larger capacity ManCan Picnic Cooler holds between 8-10 beers, depending on the amount of foam. It is easily the best possible way to transport beer if you care about preserving the flavors and integrity of your favorite brews.

ManCan Picnic Keg Stainless Steel Beer Growlers

ManCan Picnic Keg Stainless Steel Beer Growlers

The ManCan features single-wall insulation which allows it to cool down extremely fast when you put it in the fridge or cooler, it also means the ManCan remains lightweight and portable. The seal is leakproof with an airtight screw lid and the stainless steel is completely indestructible so you don’t have to ever worry about this breaking/shattering like a glass growler.

You can shop both the 128oz and 64oz styles of the ManCan over on Huckberry, and if you act quickly you’ll actually save a few bucks. Both models are currently on sale and marked down a couple of dollars…Every penny counts, right?!


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