ManCan Is The Portable Keg That’s Perfect For Every Single Moment Of Your Life


The ManCan 128 is a portable beer delivery system that’s perfect for some many occasions, I’m just going to list the occasions it’s not necessary.

Going to a bar, showering, your wedding day (but just the ceremony part), AA meetings, rehab, meetings with your parole officer, while sleeping…that’s all I’ve got.

The ManCan is a personal keg system that keeps your favorite beer fresh, carbonated, and delicious — the way it should be. Available in indestructible, 128oz (one-gallon) or 64oz (half-gallon) stainless steel. Two tap systems with the Perfect Pour Regulator can top these bad boys for the ultimate experience.

Here’s a demonstration of how ManCan 128 works.

Awesome. Now I’ll just need one to wear everywhere….

[via Cool Material]