This Extra Comfy Men’s Suit Comes With A Hoodie And Claims To Be Liquid, Wrinkle, And Odor Resistant

A high-quality, well-tailored wool suit has its place in every man’s wardrobe. It’s what you wear to weddings, job interviews, and important business functions. If you’re like me, a well-tailored suit is the least pragmatic and most expensive item in your closet — You sort of have it just to have it, even though you rarely have a need to wear it.

That’s why the X Suit is pretty genius. It claims to be the world’s first full stretch suit. It’s extra comfortable and durable enough for every day use (rocking climbing in a suit, anyone?), while also being liquid and stain repellent, wrinkle resistant, and odor proof.

In a way, it’s a suit that gives you super powers… you can do all the things you’d normally never do in a suit. It comes in four different styles, including one with a hood. Total game changer for the winter months.

Go support it on Kickstarter….



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