This Is The Only Knife You Need To Consider Buying This Year, It Is ‘The Holy Grail’ Of Inexpensive Knives

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It was a few months ago that a friend of mine reached out and said he was working on something new, a chef’s knife that would completely disrupt the cooking industry because they were taking the Warby Parker approach to kitchen knives, and would soon be able to sell at knife for $65 that would normally cost $180 in the store. I met with this friend (Josh Moses, co-founder of Misen) for coffee about a month ago and he told me all about the first product they were releasing and it was one of those situations where I took a step back and thought to myself ‘holy crap, this is a product that is actually going to disrupt the market, and it’s going to sell an asinine amount’.

Well this morning the Misen: Cook Sharp KickStarter campaign went live and within the first four of hours they’ve already exceeded their goal of $25,000 and have raised over $86,000 (they raised over $15,000 more in the time I started writing this post). The campaign’s already fully funded, so now’s the time to consider purchasing THE ONLY kitchen knife you should buy this year or next (because knives this good don’t get sold at a price this great, ever).



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By the time I was putting up my first blog post this morning here on BroBible I’d already received an email from Josh telling me how much press they were receiving, and rightfully so. This is the knife of the future, and as SeriousEats called it the Misen Chef’s Knife is the ‘Holy Grail of Knives‘, because by cutting out all the overhead and middlemen the Misen team is able to sell a kitchen knife that would normally cost $180+ in the stores for only $65 ($45 if you’re an early backer in the KickStarter campaign).

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So what makes this knife so special? Here’s some info on Misen‘s groundbreaking chef’s knife:

No kitchen tool is more indispensable than the chef’s knife. Used in the preparation of virtually every dish, an extraordinary knife at a fair price was the clear first mark for us.
After 18 months working through dozens of designs, we are thrilled to introduce the Misen Chef’s Knife:
Premium Japanese AUS-8 stainless steel for a sharper, longer-lasting edge
60% higher carbon content than comparable “high-end” knife brands
Hybrid blade geometry combines the best of Japanese and German styles
Innovative handle design and sloped bolster pro- vide comfort in every hand while encouraging a proper “pinch grip”
More acute, 15-degree edge angles for an incredibly sharp cutting face

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Their tagline is something I think we can all get on board with: “Misen is the first online kitchenware company creating quality essentials with premium materials, thoughtful design and an honest price.”

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If you’re wondering how they’re able to pull this off here’s a little bit about Misen’s story thus far:

Quality kitchen tools are vital for a better cooking experience, yet most products are either cheap and flimsy or exorbitantly expensive. What’s more, confus- ing, over-marketed features make it hard to know what tools you actually need.
Misen represents a simpler approach to kitchenware. Just the essentials, made with quality materials and sold at a fair price.
By partnering closely with manufacturers and selling directly to our customers, we’re eliminating traditional retail markups and offering incredible value.

Once this high-quality knife is sold directly through their website it will retail for $65, but as I mentioned before if you are willing to become an early backer in Misen’s KickStarter then you can snag this for just $45 dollars TODAY. So if you bros EVER cook at home, or know anyone that cooks at home, or want to get your Christmas shopping out of the way now, then I HIGHLY SUGGEST that you CLICK HERE TO GO OVER TO THEIR KICKSTARTER and buy this revolutionary knew chef’s knife today.