Feast Your Eyes on the Most Idiotic and Genius App Ever, That All Competitive Guys Will Want

S.M.T.H. (Send Me to Heaven) is game — available on Android phones only — where you accumulate points by taking your phone, throwing it as high as you want (or can) and then catching it. No shitting you, aside from the worldwide leader board which will make you want to beat the people at the top, that is the entire app.

The moment I saw it, I thought about this asshole who went to my old gym near my old apartment downtown. He'd walk around the place between sets tossing his phone in the air and catching it, like a lonely kid with a baseball. Fucker never dropped it either. But enough talking about stuff from my forthcoming book, People I'd Like to See Die

In the event you didn't understand my description of how this app works, the S.M.T.H folks made this handy vidya. 

If money is no object, get the S.M.T.H app here

[H/T The Vine]

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