Nanodots Are A Fun Scientific Toy Made From The Strongest Magnets Known To Man

by 12 months ago

Growing up, I think 50% of my toys were science-based. I’m not sure if my parents were forcing those on me or if my family got me those types of types because that’s what I liked the most, but to this day I still love a good scientific toy. These Nanodots are pretty f’n spectacular. They are made from the strongest magnets known to man, are built to mirror atomic interaction, and they are the perfect desk accessory toy: Buy It Now: $34.99



Nanodots are magnetic spheres precision-milled from sintered neodynium-iron-boron and designed to model atomic interactions at a human scale, giving your workspace an exciting scientific toy. Made out of the strongest permanent magnets known to man, Nanodots are able to lift 1,000 times their own weight and last over 20,000 years. Every time you pull these out, you’ll have a fascinating look into nature in your hands.

— Milled to exacting dimensions suited for complex creations
— Engineered to withstand repeated impact & resist corrosion
— Coatings are antibacterial & washable

BUY IT TODAY: $34.99

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