The Neat Ultimate Spirits Glass Is Used By Experts Worldwide In Tasting Competitions

Neat Ultimate Spirits Glass Artisan

You work hard. You deserve nice things. I love booze, you love booze. Why shouldn’t we both enjoy drinking out of the finest whiskey glasses around?

The Neat Ultimate Spirits Glass is a lead-free crystal glass built to emphasize your favorite spirits by unlocking the molecular physiology.

This glass is trusted by experts worldwide and is used in spirts tasting competitions all across the planet. If the Neat Ultimate Spirits Glass is good enough for the pros then it’s more-than-good-enough for me.

All you need to do with the Neat Ultimate Spirits Glass is pour, sniff, and sip. Choose your favorite spirit and get to drinking, let the glass to all of the heavy lifting by unlocking deep flavors you didn’t even know existed before.

Right now, you can score a set of 2 for only $24.98 because this incredible glass is on sale. So if you’re looking to save some $$$ then follow any of the links in this article to purchase!

Neat Ultimate Spirits Glass Artisan

Neat Ultimate Spirits Glass Artisan

— Scientifically designed to achieve the perfect blend of taste and smell sensations
— Used by experts worldwide in tasting competitions
— Evaporates ethanol alcohol first, leaving your nose free to take in all of a spirit’s subtle aromas
— Simplifies the spirit tasting experience so anyone can enjoy the subtle flavors and aromas of fine spirits
— Fine hand-blown lead-free crystal construction
— Packaged in elegant burgundy and silver gift boxes
— Handwash recommended, but dishwasher safe in most circumstances

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